Take Tea With Your Subconscious

By Robert Eddison

WITHIN book by Robert Eddison

The Story

Our mission is to enrich people’s lives in quirky and exciting ways.

The company was born of the chance meeting of two vastly different men, Mohamed Abdelhadi, a 30-year-old engineer and Robert Eddison, a 90-year-old master aphorist, journalist, and playwright. Their friendship blossomed into a unique partnership that evolved into Eddison Wordplay, a forum where anyone can come to be inspired. Working together, they cemented their shared vision: to build a community-based company where creative people can collaborate to produce great things and learn from one another..

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A discussion between a 30 & a 90 year old.

Robert Eddison was born in 1933 and has lived through the modern technological revolution. Robert and Moe explore how life has changed and Robert shares his insights on how life has changed since the 1930’s.
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