January is named for Janus, the Roman god with two heads – one looking forward into the new year ahead and the other looking back, at the year gone by.

I like to think of myself in the same way, standing atop a mountain with the old year behind me and the new year ahead. Looking back at the year gone by, I am reminded how I struggled to progress in what I sought to achieve. I got lost in a jungle of obstacles, nearly drowned in a river of overwhelm, and lost my way in the fields of struggle. The result was that, despite all my efforts, I ended the year in a thoroughly negative state of mind. Perhaps you can relate to this?

Moving forward into 2023, I am committed to leaving this mindset behind. I must use my willpower to celebrate the new opportunities opening up to me in the year ahead. Indeed, for my New Year’s resolution I’ve decided to rededicate myself to seeing the future in a more optimistic light. The jungle ahead is filled with beauty, the rivers below me can be crossed, and the fields traversed with a light heart.

Finding (and maintaining) optimism isn’t always easy – 2022 has certainly taught me this. I believe the trick is to always seek out the silver linings in hardships and to keep learning. If you can turn a failure into a lesson, you’re well on your path to success

Since we are what we think, we can use the mind’s limitless power of thought to become a new person, viewing life through fresh eyes.

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