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My mission is to share all this knowledge and experience with others so that they, too, can tap into the mind’s riches and find fulfilment.
Discovering and applying the awesome, and virtually limitless, power of thought of thought has transformed my life.
Robert Eddison

Award Winning Author

Eddison Wordplay is a brand on a mission to empower people to think better, communicate better and live better. It’s a movement that aims to brighten people’s lives in quirky and exciting ways, promoting out-of-the-box thinking and linguistic mastery.

It was born from the chance meeting of two vastly different men, Mohamed Abdelhadi, a 30-year-old engineer and Robert Eddison, a 90-year-old master aphorist, journalist, and playwright. Their friendship, formed over a simple act of kindness, blossomed into a unique partnership that grew and evolved into Eddison Wordplay, a place where anyone can come to learn, grow, and be inspired. Working together, they cemented their shared vision: to spread the beauty and power of aphorisms to the world, to arrest the impoverishment of the English language, and to help people utilise the power of their minds. They believe that communication is the key to success, and that starts with language.

With Robert’s wisdom and extensive knowledge, and Mohamed’s technological expertise, Eddison Wordplay dedicated itself to content creation and collaborating with creative people in all sorts of ways. The brand creates direct, clear and simple content on various platforms, including social media, vlogs, blogs, books, and podcasts. Robert’s books, currently being sold worldwide, mainly in the USA and UK, are a reflection of the brand’s mission, with his aphorisms and wisdom providing the perfect tool to help people improve their language, knowledge, and thinking. Eddison Wordplay also collaborates with artists around the world, so watch this space for upcoming products, such as affirmation cards, artwork, posters, mugs, apparel, etc.

Robert said, “Interacting with people who engage with the brand gives me a real thrill – whether it’s aspiring artists who join our regular competitions or students entering their own aphorisms into the annual Eddison Aphorism Prize, run by Cambridge University. Passing on my knowledge and experience, and helping other people to unlock the limitless power of their minds inspires me every single day – and keeps me young!”

“What started as a small seed of an idea in Robert’s living room has evolved into this extraordinary brand that I am so proud of,” commented Mohamed. “Eddison Wordplay is completely unique – it has authenticity, modernity, directness, simplicity, and it’s somewhere that people seem to come to life. Having praise from people like Ronald Blythe and Stephen Fry really shows how far we’ve come.”

So, why not join our growing a family of creative thinkers on a mission to improve the world, one aphorism at a time.

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The young at heart don't do age

Age has as much to do with lifestyle as with the years

Fondness facilitates fidelity

It’s far easier to be loyal to friends and loved ones than to strangers.

Fear uncertainty and you fear life

Change our mindset and celebrate uncertainty and the pleasure of having life.

It can take courage to be openly

Youngsters who wish they could hide their blushes, it takes real courage to own them.


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